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36th EPS Conference on Plasma Physics
June 29 - July 3, 2009, Sofia, Bulgaria

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Instruction to Authors of oral and poster contributions

This section provides information on the submission procedure for abstracts and 4-page papers. It should be done through the electronic submission system ELISE. It is open only during the time windows bellow.

Deadlines for submission:

Abstracts – 1 page February 16 – February 27, 2009
Paper – up to 4 pages June 15 – June 26, 2009

Submission of Post-deadline abstracts is by e-mail attachment sent to LOC till May 31. Submission of the corresponding 4-page papers must be as all the others though ELISE in the time period given above. Papers, sent by Email will be not published in the Conference proceedings.

Only contributions that have actually been presented at the Conference (as oral or poster) will be included in the Conference proceedings. Submitting a 4-page paper therefore does not imply automatic inclusion in the proceedings.

Layout requirements

All these documents must comply with the following requirements.

Item Requirement
Max. number of pages 1 (abstracts), 4 (4-page papers)
Page size A4 (21.0 x 29.7 cm)
Page margins 2.5 cm on all 4 sides, gutter 0.0
Fonts Times, Symbol
Font size 14 pt (title only), 12 pt (all other text)
Line spacing 1.5 lines (21 pt)
Title of paper Centred alignment, bold font 14 pt
List of authors Centred alignment, normal font 12 pt, presenting author underlined
e.g. M. First1, N.N. Second2
Author affiliations Centred alignment, italic font 12 pt
e.g. 1 Institute, City, Country
Body text Justified alignment, normal font 12 pt
References 10-point font, 1.5 lines spacing
Figures captions 10-point font
Poster Size
The poster cannot exceed 1,80 (h) x 0,90 (w).


The following templates are provided as a courtesy to facilitate document preparation. However, no guarantee is provided as to their correct functionality on all platforms. The author remains responsible for checking compliance with the above format requirements.

Format requirements

Submission of abstracts and 4-page papers is exclusively handled by the electronic submission system. The documents are accepted in either PDF or PS file formats, possibly compressed as .pdf.gz and .ps.gz respectively. The documents that do not comply with these requirements are not accepted by the electronic system.

For 4-page paper, Please register in ELISE "AS A NEW USER"
(do NOT use the account information you provided for the abstract submission).

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