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36th EPS Conference on Plasma Physics
June 29 - July 3, 2009, Sofia, Bulgaria

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The presentation ID (e.g.P1.001) reads as follows:


The allowed time for oral presentations is:

Speakers must keep strictly to the allotted time due to the large number of presentations. To avoid unnecessary delays between talks, all speakers are kindly requested to contact the Chairman five minutes before beginning of the session. Speakers are also requested to copy the file of their presentation at the conference hall to the technician who is working with the computer for the presentations show. Authors’ laptop will not be allowed for presentation papers. Speakers with an oral presentation on Monday are requested to copy their presentation on Sunday afternoon.


All posters are to be presented on 5 floor of the National Palace of Culture. Authors of posters reminded that they should put up their posters before the morning session commences and remove them at the end of the day, 18:00pm.The available poster area is 1.80 (height) x 0.90 (width)m.

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