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36th EPS Conference on Plasma Physics
June 29 - July 3, 2009, Sofia, Bulgaria

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Plenary speakers

Meyer-ter-Vehn (Alfvén Prize lecture)  Basic studies into high power laser plasmas: from laser fusion to laser accelerators  I1.001 
Saibene  Qualification of the ITER baseline operating scenario in JET  I1.002 
Wark  Saturable absorption of Intense XUV radiation, and a novel form of warm dense matter  I1.003 
Fletcher  Flaring energy releases  I1.004 
Marode (Innovation in Plasma Science Prize lecture) Physics and applications of atmospheric non thermal air plasma with reference to environment I2.021 
Van de Sanden  Thin film deposition for photovoltaics: from fundamentals to industrial application  I2.022 
Brandenburg  Dynamo theory  I3.044 
Angioni  Particle transport in tokamak plamas, theory and experiment  I3.060 
Chabrier  Plasma physics relevant to Jovian-like planets  I4.043 
Ebert  Sprite discharges, terrestrial gamma-ray flashes and their counterparts in the lab  I4.059 
Morfill  Complex plasmas: from plasma physics to interdisciplinary research  I5.075 
Silva  Laser electron acceleration towards the energy frontier: theory and full scale simulations  I5.076 
White  Nonlocal transport in the Reverse Field Pinch  I5.083 
Atzeni  Building the Principles of Inertial Fusion through Theory, Experiments and Simulation  I5.084 
De Grassie  Toroidal Rotation - Sources, Transport, and Sinks in Tokamak Plasmas  I5.085 

Invited speakers

Beurskens  Pedestal identity studies in JET, DIII-D and AUG and implications for ITER  I1.005 
Puiatti  Helical equilibria and magnetic structures in Reversed Field Pinch and analogies with Tokamak and Stellarator  I1.006 
Wolfrum  Investigation of H-mode pedestal physics in ASDEX Upgrade  I1.007 
Estrada  Physics of sheared flows and transitions to improved confinement regimes in the TJ-II stellarator  I1.008 
Malka  Laser plasma accelerator: experimental aspects of colliding laser pulses approach  I1.009 
Karsch  Stable laser-wakefield electron acceleration - beam control and applications  I1.010 
Willi  Particle and x-ray generation by irradiation of gaseous and solid targets with a 100TW laser pulse  I1.011 
Ter-Avetisyan  Characterization and control of ion sources from ultra-short high-intensity laser-foil interaction  I1.012 
Turner  Electron heating in capacitive discharges  I1.013 
Czarnetzki  Collisionless wave damping in Neutral Loop Discharge  I1.014 
Kaganovich  Nonlocal collisionless and collisional electron transport in low temperature plasmas  I1.015 
Marmolino  Stochastic heating of dust particles in laboratory and space plasmas  I1.016 
Dieckmann  The filamentation instability driven by warm electron beams: statistics and electrostatic field generation  I1.017 
Pohl  Non-equilibrium dynamics of ultra-cold plasmas  I1.018 
Chapman  Plasmas as complex systems - distinguishing models using the data  I1.019 
Tynan  Basic plasmas in linear machines  I1.020 
Hobirk  Improved Confinement in JET hybrid discharges  I2.023 
Huysmans  3D non-linear MHD simulations of Edge Localised Modes ELMs  I2.024 
Nardon  ELM control by resonant magnetic perturbations on MAST  I2.025 
Martines  Current filaments in turbulent magnetised plasmas  I2.026 
Levy  X-ray absorption for the study of warm dense matter  I2.027 
Riley  WDM probed by XRTS: experiments and calculations  I2.028 
Norman  Nonequilibrium nonideal nanoplasma generated by a fast single ion in condensed matter  I2.029 
Roth  Proton isochoric heating of matter under XRTS  I2.030 
Klumov  3D complex plasmas: experiments vs simulations  I2.031 
Castaldo  Interactions and dynamics of magnetized, metallic dust particles in tokamak plasmas  I2.032 
Neyts  Modeling of hydrocarbon plasmas for nanoparticle formation and the growth of carbon nanostructures  I2.033 
Foest  Miniaturized atmospheric pressure plasma jet APPJ – characterization of operational regimes  I2.034 
Verwichte  Diagnostics of low-beta plasmas using MHD waves: applying MHD spectroscopy/seismology to magnetic fusion experiments and to solar corona  I2.035 
Amari  Coronal Mass Ejections Theory and Simulation  I2.036 
Velli  Solar wind turbulence  I2.037 
Coppi  High Energy Plasmas, General Relativity and Collective Modes in the Vicinity of Black Holes  I2.038 
Lütjens  Non-linear full MHD modelling of core MHD in tokamaks  I2.039 
Vaivads  Magnetic reconnection in space plasmas  I2.040 
Amendt  Electric field and ionization-gradient effects on ICF implosions  I2.041 
Azechi  Advanced Target Design for the Fast Ignition Realization Experiment FIREX Project  I2.042 
Paley  Real time plasma control using electron cyclotron systems on TCV  I3.045 
Pegourié  Recent results on the fuelling and plasma control by pellet injection, application to ITER  I3.046 
Smith  Runaway electron generation in tokamak disruptions  I3.047 
Osakabe  Fast-ion confinement studies of the neoclassical optimized configuration on the Large Helical Device  I3.048 
Pautasso  Disruption studies in view of ITER  I3.049 
Ribeyre  Shock ignition: target design and robustness  I3.050 
Theobald  Advanced Ignition Concepts Exploration on OMEGA  I3.051 
Cherfils  Progress in the design of ICF targets  I3.052 
Blagoev  Modelling of plasma breakdown  I3.053 
O'Connell  Dynamics of ionization in high-frequency driven plasmas  I3.054 
Van Rooij  Thomson scattering at Pilot-PSI and Magnum-PSI  I3.055 
Dolag  Cosmological simulations  I3.056 
Giovannini  Radio observation of extra galactic magnetic fields  I3.057 
Tsagas  Simulation of cosmic magnetic fields  I3.058 
Rohde  Wall-retention of Deuterium and gaseous impurities in all thungsten AUG  I4.061 
Bell  Plasma Response to Lithium-Coated Plasma-Facing Components in the National Spherical Torus Experiment  I4.062 
Perez  Fast electron transport in cylindrically laser-compressed matter  I4.063 
Sherlock  Absorption of relativistic laser pulses on multiple energy scales  I4.064 
Guaitella  Mechanisms of filamentary plasma/catalyst coupling for air treatment  I4.065 
Hatakeyama  Novel Gas-Liquid Interfacial Plasmas Basic Properties and Applications to Nano-Bio Material Creation  I4.066 
Phelps  Free electron maser modelling and experiments  I4.067 
Serbeto  Quantum plasma fluid model for high-gain free-electron lasers  I4.068 
Newman  Mechanisms for non-diffusive radial transport across sheared zonal flows in ITG turbulence"  I4.069 
Roach  Gyrokinetic simulations of turbulence in spherical tokamaks  I4.070 
Bell  Particle acceleration in supernova remnants  I4.072 
Loupias  Propagation of laser-induced plasma jets in ambiant gas media  I4.073 
Fujioka  Laboratory spectroscopy of silicon plasmas photoionized by mimic astrophysical compact object  I4.074 
Lauber  Damping and drive of Alfven eigenmodes at ASDEX-Upgrade  I5.077 
De Vries  Identity physics experiments on Internal Transport Barriers in JT-60U and JET  I5.078 
Caillard  Low-temperature plasma processing techniques applied to fuel cell technology  I5.079 
Cartry  Plasma surface interaction with applications to ITER  I5.080 
Bingham  Dark matter  I5.081 
Drury  The highest energy particles in the universe; how does Nature beat CERN?  I5.082 

The invited talks will be published in a special issue of Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion

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